Church employees and attendees alike have benefitted from live streaming from myUMClive, here is what they are saying.

“Being homebound while I fight cancer has been hard. You don't know how much it means to me to be able to watch our worship service live and feel like I am still a part of my church. Thank you so much for this wonderful service.” - Sue (Church Member)

“We hadn't been able to come to church for a while during my husband’s illness. We were getting a CD of worship, but those came to us mid-week. Live streaming let us watch with our friends and family just like we were there. Thanks you!” - M. G. (Church Member)

“OCV adds a fantastic dimension to our Annual Conference Session each year by providing us with streaming video of the entire event.  It helps us connect with people who never before had participated in this significant aspect of the life of our Conference – and others who simply are unable to attend. (One year, for instance, we received a “rave review” from a member of clergy who was traveling in England.) OCV makes the setup seamless and assists us with any technical issues that come up. The first year that we live streamed, people were blown away – and we looked like heroes! Now they expect and look forward to this aspect of our coverage. The staff of OCV has written the book on customer service, too…It’s rare in today’s business world and a real blessing to us!” - Cate (Communications Director)

"We had been using another service with pop up advertisements.  People were complaining.  For example, if we were in the middle of the sermon, and a paper towel ad popped up.  Now with OCV, everybody is very pleased with what they are viewing - there are no outside ads! 
Some of our members have told me, 'We were watching the live streaming today.  Thank you so much for what you are doing!'  Among our watchers are a few homebound people, and some of the congregation who travel to Florida in the winter - they love to tune in to worship when they are away.
We have some family members who are in the military, and our live streaming is being watched worldwide!  That is why we wanted to have the archive of the video available in the player until we stream again.  If they’re in a different time zone, they can watch when they want." - Wayne (Media Specialist)